Is this fur real?

Last week I went to an estate sale with a friend. The house was extremely large and beautiful. Everything in it was for sale which was sad. All of the furniture and accessories were really high-end.  Too expensive for me to buy even at a faction of the original cost. 

What caught my eye though was a rack full of fur coats and stoles. Real ones! The most expensive one was only $250. A steal I'm sure and so, so tempting! But my practical side got the better of me. It is Christmas after all, so how could I justify such a large expenditure on myself? Well, I probably could, but more than anything I was afraid PETA would follow me around and throw rotten produce at me. So I will settle on my faux fur pieces and sleep well knowing that I passed up a good deal for the greater good.

Peasant Blouse - Belk (similar)
Vest - Kensi
Leather Skirt - the Limited (similar for only $17 at JCPenny!)
Bucket Tote - Zara (similar)
Bracelets - Kate Spade, Target, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Jessica Simpson, Lucky
Booties - Vince Camuto

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Is this fur real?

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