Green with envy

I love the holiday season. Oh, what fun! The lights, the decorations, the parties, the anticipation, and the shopping. For myself. Why is that? If I buy one thing for someone else I end up buying at least two things for myself. It's a disease, I say! I need a support group - Shoppers Anonymous has a nice ring. The problem is that if I were to get into a group like that and see other shopaholics with really nice things I would probably get jealous and go buy what they have. I'm doomed...but at least I'll have nice stuff!
Ankle Pants - J. Crew
Lace Sweatshirt - J. Crew
Pink Blouse - J. Crew Factory
Clutch - J. Crew
Green Pumps - J. Crew

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Be the Envy in Green

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