Style Tips

Q.  What is the best way to wear wide-leg pants and jeans?

A. All wide-leg pants should skim the floor. You want your dress pants to not quite drag the floor because they will get torn up, but your jeans should definitely hit the floor. The more torn up your hemline becomes, the cooler the jeans look!

 Q.  What is the best way to wear straight leg jeans or pants?

A.  This is a very hard look for moms as most of us are not made narrow and straight like a teenager.  The pants should be cropped or cuffed, at the anklebone or above, and pumps or flats should be worn with them.

Q. What is the best way to wear skinny jeans or pants?

A.  Skinny is pretty easy although it may not be the most flattering look for a mom. The trick is in the shoes. Skinny pants are like arrows pointing to your shoes so you need to make sure your shoes are rockin'. And any shoe can go with skinnies - pumps, platforms, wedges, flats, tall boots, or short boots.

Skinnies can also be worn both long or cropped. The most economical way to purchase skinnies would be to buy them long, which makes you look taller, and cuff them when you are in the mood for cropped pants.

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