Shopping Tips

Here are some tips on how to shop without breaking the bank:

1. Get on the mailing lists of your favorite stores.  Many stores will notify you of upcoming sales, send out coupons or even surprise you with a gift card.

2. Carry your receipts with you for at least 7 days.  If you purchase something on Monday, and you go in to the store a few days later and see that the same item is now on sale, ask for a price adjustment!  Most stores have a 7 day price adjustment policy and all you have to do is present them with your receipt.

3. Sign up for store credit cards if you can pay them off each month. Many stores are now rewarding their card holders with special discounts, coupons, events, free samples, etc.  One way to keep up with your spending is to go ahead and debit the amount you spent on your store card from your checking account so that you are not surprised when the bill comes due.

 4. Only shop at the mall Thursday - Sunday.  Most stores within the malls only have sales on the weekend so if can wait, do it.

5. Shop Mall anchor stores at month-end to get the lowest clearance prices possible. The large department stores tend to hold their best sales at the end of the month to make room for new merchandise. For example, even though Dillard's may have their clearance racks out during the entire month of March, they will wait until the last weekend of the month to have the extra percentage off clearance and sale prices.

6. Get to know the sales clerks of your favorite stores. They will keep you updated about upcoming sales, events, new merchandise, etc. 

Do you have other tips for shopping frugally? Please e-mail us and we will post your tips as well!

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