A Cropped Pant for All

It is way too cold, too dark and too blustery for pictures so we are going in a different direction today.   Our muse about the cropped pant.   We have shown several pictures of the cropped pant throughout the year.. this pant should be on your list of what to purchase next.   We want to make sure we clear a few things up about what exactly is a cropped pant?  So, let's clear up the difference between the cropped pant and capri pant.  Oh, you thought they were one in the same....please don't make that mistake.  By interchanging the capri and crop pant you will go from elegant to elephant leg in less than 5 seconds.  Here are some examples of the cropped pant of the season. 

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Notice this cute pair of cropped pants hits right above the ankle.  This is also on trend with the patterned pants that are shown as of lately.   I have never met a polka dot that I didn't like so I had to post this picture.  (picture courtesy of pinterest)

silk capri pants

So, here is one example of the capri pant.  Notice how this pant has an identity crisis.  Am I a long pant? or am I a short pant? Or wait let me just cut your calf in half at the largest part of your calf to give the look of stumpy leg.   Have we made our point clear yet?  Don't spend your money on a capri pant.  We are all about investing your money in things that will last the test of what was the must have list last month only to be dropped the next.  I am a huge fan of well dressed women who always look very classic, my favorite is Audrey Hepburn.  Audrey Hepburn was always rocking the cropped pant. 

Have a great Holiday break and spend your Christmas money wisely.

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