Bright Color (but not too bright!)

nanette lepore

Today, let's talk about another huge trend for 2013: COLOR, COLOR AND COLOR! 

If you are one of the many that still fall back on your favorite black "uniform", stop now, please!  Think about it: most uniforms for salons, restaurants, Target, etc. include black.  I saw a friend at Target who was wearing a red/black combo.  It was so busy that someone actually took a second look to see if she was an employee.

I hear you saying, "OK, but how do I wear color?"

First, let's show you what to avoid.  This neon, or as my son says "highlighter" dress, is from one of my favorite designers, Nanette Lepore.  Although I like the style of the dress, the color is not right for women above the age of 28. So please, leave the highlighter clothes for the teenagers and one day they can say, "remember when.....?"

Below is our example of wearing color well: 

Women's Clothing - Looks We Love - J.Crew

This is an outfit from one of our favorite retailers, J. Crew.   The use of color is very refined with a classic sweater and skirt combo.  If you are a little color shy, try a neutral like camel or navy with a color.  The other difference for this fall is the use of color in the shoes.  This is a pair of satin heels with a polka dot motif.  I swear, I didn't notice the shoes until after I cut the picture, but once again I pick out a polka dot.  Color is not going away for the spring.

So...while you are shopping the after Christmas sales look for anything blue....more to come about the color blue for spring. Talk to you tomorrow!

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