...Happy 2013

This will probably be my last post until 2013. I could say it is because I will be super busy with visiting family and friends, but the truth is our visiting family really only want to see the kids, not me and Rob. And we have no friends visiting from out of town. But, if the real truth be told, it's because I hate cold rain which is what is predicted for next week. 

So...with the kids out of school 1) I won't have a reason to even get dressed and 2) I will not subject myself to going outside in the cold rain. Plus it would be getting photographed in sweats, which is no fun for you guys. Thus, we bid you a 

Happy Holiday and Safe New Year! - Julie & Donna

Pants - J. Crew
Blazer - Gap
Striped Shirt - Banana Republic
Belt - J. Crew
Shoes - J. Crew

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