Black & White Mix

Playing with stripes.
Tweed adds sophistication to any look.
Mixing patterns in the same color family is a must-do.
Touches of leather add texture and an edge.
These Donald Pliner boots were made for walking...literally...I can walk normal!
Today was parent-teacher conference day so I wanted to look nice but not overdone. I really had fun putting this ensemble of leather, stripes, tweed and boots together. It was a mix of girly, tough and business-like all in one!

Since Donna had her own conferences to attend, I enlisted my daughter to take the pictures and she did a damn good job! But don't tell her I said "damn" - she'll make me put money in the swearing jar.

Leather Mix Top - Halogen via Nordstrom
Striped Tee - Banana Republic
Leather Mix Boots - Donal J. Pliner
Hair in My Face - Priceless!

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