Brocade and Leather

This ASOS brocade dress is uber-feminine.
Arm candy bangles.
Ooh la la leather!
Studious shoes.
So far, I have done my darnedest not to participate in the trend of baroque where words like gaudy and gilted come to mind. But baroque also involves using light and shadows to create a dramatic effect. That is what the rose pattern in this dress from ASOS does. It continuously reflects different colors from within the pattern. I can pair it with oxblood, like my jacket, or royal blue, purple, gray, etc. 

And that is why I bought this dress and have since fallen head over hills in love with it. I am sure you will see this dress alot this fall! 

Have you fallen in love with baroque? 

(Faux) Leather Jacket - New York & Co. (only $80!)
Shoes - J. Crew
Bangles - Forever 21 (similar)
Sunglasses - StyleMint (similar)

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