Scholarly plaid & tweed

Red is THE color for fall so I couldn't resist this red and blue tweed jacket.

I was mad for plaid in college. Some things never change.

This bucket bag from Zara is super stylish.
I love a good plaid shirt. I wore lots of Gap plaid shirts in college with my consignment store boyfriend jeans and nubuck brogues. We were all so stylish back then in our over-sized shirts, baggy jeans rolled up to make them skinny at the ankles and our "bucks". Wait! Isn't that what everyone's wearing today? Isn't that what I am wearing today? Except for the brogues but I am on the hunt for the perfect pair.

Lesson Learned:  What comes around goes around...even in the fashion world.

Tweed Blazer - Zara (similar)
Plaid Shirt - J. Crew Outlet
Ballet Flats - Crewcuts by J. Crew
Sunglasses - StyleMint (similar)

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