Twelve's Fall Most Wanted -Watch,Cross Handbag and Boots

We are going to finish out our list today.  Let's once again go over what we have on our list.
                                                    1. Bold Color
                                                    2. Fitted Blazer
                                                    3. Ankle Pant
                                                    4. Beautiful Blouse
                                                    5. Pencil Skirt
                                                    6. New Shape Sweater
                                                    7. Glitzy Top
                                                    8. Shift Dress
                                                    9. Metal Collar Necklace

Our last things on the list are all about the finishing touches to your outfit.  The number 10 on the list is a great fashion watch.  With all of the new metals out this season like rose gold.  Buying a fashion watch is a great way to update your outfit for a small price. 

These are Anne Klein watches from Belk for $65 -$85.  


                               The number 11 on our list is the Cross Body Handbag.  What we love about this type of handbag is the fact that you can shop hands-free.   If you already have a black or brown bag for the fall, look to purchase your new handbag in a color.  Try out the new dark purple or burgundy.  These are both colors that are more subtly and let's face not too far off from the very comfortable black bag you have been carrying forever.    Dooney and Bourke -

Lastly, the one we are most excited about is number 12-  Boots.   How can you have fall without boots?  Look for tall boots, short boots and everything in between.  What we noticed is that all of the boot will have fringe or some type of embellishment on them.  Also, you will be seeing a lot more short boots and shoe booties.  These short boots are great with tights and dresses.  I personally put on my boots around October and don't take them off until spring break.  We hope you have enjoyed our list.  Happy Fall Shopping!

Nine West Boots-


E said...

Those watches are gorgeous!

Two Shopper Moms said...

E, I completely agree. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.