Twelve Fall's Most Wanted- Metal Collar

 I like to always have a list with me, so I'm going to repeat our list again as we add to it today. 
                                             Fall's Twelve Most Wanted
                                                    1. Bold Color
                                                    2. Fitted Blazer
                                                    3. Ankle Pant
                                                    4. Beautiful Blouse
                                                    5. Pencil Skirt
                                                    6. New Shape Sweater
                                                    7. Glitzy Top
                                                    8. Shift Dress

                So we are up to number 9 on the list which is the Metal Collar Necklace.
    This two tone necklace is made by Michael Kors.

You will be seeing a lot of mixed metal accessories this season.   If you don't want to go out and buy something new.  Our idea is to take to different color metal bracelets and wear them together.  You could also do the same with a necklace of similar size chains.

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