Fringe & Handkerchief Print

Handkerchief prints help make a bold statement.
Is it just a fringe skirt or is it a hula skirt in disguise? :)
Like I said last week, I love this skirt. While it's not the most sensible clothing purchase for a mom (read: hard to get in and out of your SUV without falling or flashing everyone), it sure does make me feel young to have twirl around in my fringe skirt.

And that's what fashion is really about - looking and feeling your best. And when you look and feel good, you generate self-confidence. So why not seize the day and buy a frivolous clothing item that makes you look and feel good? 

Carpe diem, everyone!

Fringe Skirt in royal blue - Zara
Handerchief Blouse in yellow - MNG by Mango for JC Penney
Cocktail Ring in tuquoise - Banana Republic
Gold Bracelets - Anne Klein, Target & Banana Republic

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