Southern Chambray

Spring in the south can be very unpredictable.  It's 70 degrees one day and 35 the next. The key to dressing in such yo-yo weather means dressing in layers. So, I pulled out the essential chambray shirt. 

The chambray shirt is being used with everything this season. Pair it with your dressy skirt, tie it over a maxi dress, or put it under a short sleeve sweater like I did.

Part of being frugal is buying a few key trendy pieces and wearing them with everything. So I highly recommend investing in a chambray shirt. Not only will it get you through a southern spring, it will be great as a layering piece in the fall.

It happens to be 35 degrees this morning, so I will throw my fuchsia trench on to give this look even more pizazz and when it hits 60, viola! (as seen here - LOL!)

Chambray shirt -  J. Crew
White jeans - J.Crew
Yellow belt - J. Crew
Purse - J. Crew
(yes, I am a J. Crew ADDICT!)
Shoes - Nine West


Closet Fashionista said...

Loving this look! You're a walking J.Crew ad ;)

Rachel {raw-kul} said...

Hi there, found you through comments on another fashion blog. Just wanted to say hello and encourage you to keep showing your style. You're beautiful!