Monday, back to normal, right? Although I still look forward to weekends (somebody somewhere said we should), a parent's job really begins with the weekend. There are birthday parties, sports events, family commitments, club activities, friends, sleepovers, dinner with friends, etc. The fun never stops. Which is the problem with weekends. On Monday I am ready to get into the routine again. Is it fun? Not necessarily. But it is less hectic and more relaxing.
Have a great week of routine, everyone!

Cardigan - Banana Republic clearance rack
Pants - purchased with a coupon at Gap
Shoes - Nine West


winetastegirl.com said...

Cute. I like the pop of red. Thanks for the Little Sprouts reminder. I'll have to add that. Have a great day!

K.I.S.S. said...

You have inspiring blog! Wanna follow each other?