Win-Win Situation

We featured a company called Banded a couple of days ago.  They have offered all of our readers 50% off the purchase of a headband.  A portion of the proceeds from this sale goes to support orphans which is something that is near and dear to me.  Our family would have a huge hole in it without our baby girl.   Here is their instructions for receiving the discount. 

Thank you for featuring our Banded No-slip Headbands with Opti-fit Technology!!! As a thank you to all your followers we will extend a 50% off coupon for their next purchase at, plus free shipping on orders of 4 or more. To get the coupon, simply go to and after you "like" us send us a message stating "twoshoppermoms coupon please!"

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BANDED headbands said...

BANDED is no longer honoring the 50% off coupon or any other coupon offer by twoshoppersmom. We had a great write and and wonderful support for this promotion.

Thank you all for your support. Please continue to look out for other promotions at