It's Spring Fashion Week in NYC

New York's spring fashion week kicks off tomorrow, February 7th and we couldn't be more excited to see all of the new spring fashions and trends. Sneak peeks into this glamorous event predict lots of creative trends and of course, great new designers! So what do our sources tell us?

Leather is here to stay. Amen! I couldn't be more enamored with this trend. Leather can be edgy, confident or romantic. Try a black leather jacket over a flirty white dress this spring.

Leather, pearls, and a pocketbook? Love it!
Stripes, stripes and more stripes! You heard it right. The trend that was such a phenomenon last year is back for another year of bold, whimsy or sophisticated looks. I highly recommend buying at least one more striped item!

A little leather with my stripes, please!
Exposed mid-riffs are daring to make a come-back. I'm not so sold on this one as 1) I am not 20'something (or even 30'something 2) I have no desire to see everyone's "I was drunk when I did it" belly rings and 3) I do NOT want my daughter baring it for all to see!! But rather than shun this trend altogether, I suggest shorter tops for a new, fresh look. But please, please don't think you have to "bare" this trend!

Want a shorter length? Tie your blouse in a flirty, but not baring, knot.
Street Style is just getting started. Maybe you haven't heard of this trend yet, but think of it as the "shot heard 'round the world". Young, nomadic Londoners used to hold a monopoly on this trend because of it's "no-holds-barred" attitude, but people around the world are now embracing this look and you should, too! But what is it? It's anything you want it to be, so long as it is an expression of YOU!

It was hard to pick just one look that sums up my personality, but a simple shirt-dress and preppy accessories is pretty close!

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