It's on my list of must haves

Have you had those conversations with your friends about what treasures they received for Christmas?  I have many of those over the last couple of weeks.  Some received jewelry, trips, and one of my friends received a pair of Imogene + Willie blue jeans.   Not familiar with these most coveted pieces of clothing in our city?  Imogene + Willie is a place to buy custom made blue jeans for about the same price as a pair those other designer jeans that you might own.  

My friend shared her experience with me about how she went in to pick her style of jean-midrise with a straight leg.   From there,  they tailored the waist, no more gapping when you sit down.  Also, she decided to taper the leg just a little more so that they were skinny jeans but not so skinny.  Her jeans were completed in a couple of days with a few instructions,  the dye will rub off on other clothing and materials so be careful,  they will be tight but wear them a couple of times for the perfect fit.   She wouldn't let me take a picture but I will share a couple of pictures from the website...I have to say they look amazing.  Must make this a priority soon!  Have a great weekend. 

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