There are only 7 Saturdays til Christmas

Yes, I know the stores barely let Halloween out the door before all the Christmas decorations came out in full force.  It seems like this year has flown by so fast.

 So, today we are taking a break from fashion to think about some gift ideas.  We aren't going to stray to far from fashion but focus on fragrance.  Do you have a signature fragrance?  One that maybe you adopted in  college and now a few years later (15 or so but who is counting), still continue to wear?  One of our most heightened senses is the sense of smell.  Not only do your clothes make a fast first impression about you, but also your fragrance.  So as moms, let's get rid of the burnt toast, spilled milk smell and try out a few fragrances.  Here are a few of my favorite fragrances,

                                                             Eternity by Calvin Klein 

                                                            Viva La Fleur by Juicy

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift for those tweens or yourself.  We won't tell anyone.

My Favorite is Marc Jacobs Dot.  I have never met a polka dot that I didn't like and this bottle looks like a ladybug. 

You can find all of these fragrances and others at Belk

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