Something to tweed about!

I'm loving all of the tweed in stores right now. I even found tweed slippers recently! (see UGGS below) As you can see, I donned some tweed J. Crew ankle pants yesterday to meet a client. They are pretty dressy but yet chic when dressed down with a denim shirt and sweatshirt. The shoes, of course, had to come off when my client's mother started moving furniture around. It was pretty darn funny to see 3 women trying to get a couch through 2 doors, one of which was barefoot!

Pants - J. Crew (on sale in stores!)
Denim Shirt - J. Crew
Sweatshirt - J. Crew
Shoes - J. Crew
Necklace - J. Crew
Belt - J. Crew
(OK, I really feel like a J. Crew freak now)
Tweed About It

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