Tee and Moto Jacket

Moto jackets give a little white tee an edge.
Tortoise shell accessories are timeless classics.
Red, red wine. Booties, that is.
Although I love fall's warm days and chilly nights, I struggle with what to wear each fall. It's a weather roller coaster living here in Tennessee.  The problem is that it can be 50 degrees all morning and 78 in the afternoon with the night staying in the 60's. Or it can be 85 degrees all day and 38 all night. Who really knows? But that's also why fall's must-have moto jacket is essential to my mental health. I can pair it with a little white tee, jeans and boots and it will keep me warm and on-trend on even the chilliest of nights.

What will you wear your moto jacket with?

Little White Tee - Left of Center (similar)
Moto Jacket - NY&Co. (similar)
Wide-Legged Jeans - Anthropologie (similar)
Boots - Vince Camuto
Necklace - Banana Republic (similar)
 Sunglasses - StyleMint (similar)

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