Color and Brands

A Kirna Zabete Dress from Target

Suede Ann Taylor Shoes

A Red Bowling Bag from Banana Republic
I titled this post "Color and Brands" because the dramatic colors of the outfit caught a lot of attention. Everywhere I went people were complimenting it. And each time I thought, I got it (the dress) at Target!  from the Kirna Zabete collection that is currently on clearance and is accessible to the masses.

So often I think we feel that great fashion is beyond our reach because we don't have access to certain brands much less the budget to attain them. And as one of those people, I still receive compliments from complete strangers. But all I do is shop at local stores and purchase brands that can be found most anywhere. It proves my point that fashion is for everyone. 

Having a hard time finding fashion you can afford? Or can you find the fashion but need a little help putting it together? E-mail me:

Dress - Kirna Zabete at Target (prices vary by store)
Bowling Bag - Banana Republic (Hint: use a Wednesday coupon to make this more affordable)
Shoes - Ann Taylor (Hint: they have been having alot of storewide sales to promote new look)
Belt - J. Crew (Hint: both the stores & website often have extra % off sale items. Shop both for best price)

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