A little white tee & statement accessories

There's nothing more simple than a little white tee. It's casually chic when added to most any outfit that doesn't include sweatpants. But add a statement necklace or news-worth handbag and WOW!, you have an outfit that is sophisticated and polished. It shows that you not only did you make an effort today, but you are confident, strong and beautiful from the inside out. Isn't that what fashion is about anyway?

So ladies, don't be afraid. If you are at a loss as to what to wear, grab that little white tee, add some bold accessories and show the world that you are beautiful!

Little White Tee - Left of Center (similar)
Necklace - J. Crew via e-Bay
Handbag - Michael Kors via consignment store (similar)
Ballet Flats - J. Crew
Sunglasses - StyleMint (similar)
Watch - Anne Klein

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