Blogger Bauble Buddies

...say that 3 times fast! 

I am excited to present the bauble I received from my "blogger buddy" Nicole at Probably Polka Dots, a blog about all things southern. The white enamel bracelet she sent me is so cute and so southern and yet so preppy, which of course is what I am. She sent the perfect bauble!
Don't you think it looks like saddle stirrups?
This is my daughter's arm. I couldn't manage the camera with just one hand. Aren't her hands just precious?
I love how the bracelet complemented my white Zara blazer.
When I was trying to think of the right outfit for my new bauble, I knew it had to be one-of-a-kind. I started with wanting some denim because of the horse correlation but I didn't want a plain jane outfit.

That's where the scarf print top from MNG by Mango came in. I just love the yellow, aqua and navy colors that make up the vivid print. And since it was a bit rainy, I saw a great opportunity to wear my Zara blazer. The white of the jacket helped pull the bracelet into the outfit.

But don't forget my teal shoes! They are children's shoes from Crewcuts (why, oh why, do I have such a small foot?) but I found some great adult shoes for you. Just click on "shoes" below.

Blazer - Zara
Top - MNG by Mango via JC Penny
Skirt - Gap
Belt - J. Crew
Purse - thrifted Michael Kors
Shoes - Crewcuts
Gold Bangles - Jessica Simpson

Don't forget to visit our Bauble Buddy! She can tell you where she got that wonderful bracelet.
Probably Polka Dots

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