Fashion that Makes a Statement

Lots of designers are making handbags, T-shirts, etc. to make a statement for a social cause. I have a couple of friends that are moms who started making T-shirts to make a statement for orphans.  Those children have no one to speak up for them, provide food, or provide medical care for them.  This cause is very dear to our family since we adopted our daughter about seven years ago.  It is heartbreaking to see the vast needs of so many children.  While everyone is not called to adopt a child, there are small ways in which you can help an orphan. 

Our family has several of these T-shirts. With each purchase of a T-shirt you will help a child receive those basic needs that we all take for granted. These T-shirts are very well made and designed.  Thru the weekend, all merchandise on their website is on sale.  For less than $20 you can purchase a T-shirt or handmade jewelry all while helping a child.  Please check out
BEAUTY FROM ASHES Cobalt Blue Earrings by Haiti's Jewels
147 Clutch Bag


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