Twelve Fall's Most Wanted - Ankle Pant

For quite a while now, J. Crew has been rolling their pant hems in that 80's Footloose fold. You know the one - where you roll it once, fold it in and then roll again. Well the fashion industry caught on and decided "why roll when we can just make the pant ankles skinnier and shorter?" Thus the ankle pant was born (as opposed to cropped pants).  I, for one, am glad. I really didn't want a constant reminder of those awkward high school days where even the boys rolled their pants. The ankle pant is less bulky and provides more coverage for cold days.

So will you continue to roll your pants or will you finally embrace the trend and buy ankle pants? You will be tres chic if you do!

Vince Camuto ankle pants - $79 at Belk

Leopard Print ankle pants - J. Crew
Chambray Shirt - J. Crew
Sequin Tank - J. Crew (similar)
Silver & Nude Sandals - Zara (similar)
Booties - BCBG (similar)
Wristlet - Coach (similar)
Structured Bag - Fossil (similar)


Anonymous said...

Your most wanted posts are excellent. Someday, when my style matures, I will definitely look at these picks.

oomph. said...

Love your pants! I didn't know j crew had them in leopard!

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oomph. said...

returning the follow...thanks!!