Summer and Snakes

We took this picture at a historic one-room school house in our area. It sits on a hill with an enormous tree next to it. When I am there I think about the children who actually attended school in this building.  
On this day I was terrified as I saw a snake that I nearly stepped on. As I was walking, I said to myself "What is that orange and black thing?".  I got closer, bending down to check it out, only to find out it was a snake! Yes, I screamed and yes, for a moment, I was frozen.  So, now I am going about my day a little shaken but hopefully looking put together. 

Shirt - J Crew
Skirt - J. Crew Factory
Necklace - Ebay similar to J. Crew
Shoes - Piperlime
Handbag - Zara

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