Mix it Up

Did you play dress up as a kid?  It didn't matter what you put together, it was just fun, right? Layering jewelry. Seeing how many clothes you could put on and still move. You didn't care because taking fashion risks as a kid was outright fun! As adults we tend to be more conservative, but now the runways are asking us to take a major risk by mixing up our prints!

All of the spring runway shows had mixed prints but with a very bold, young approach to mixing prints.  You can still pull this off in a more mature way by always making sure there is one dominant color in your top and bottom.  If this is too much color for you, start with baby steps and try an all neutral approach with black and white.  You could do a floral black and white top with a small black & white check pant.  

Have fun with your clothes today and let us know if you decided to mix it up.  See the flyer below for a girls night out at Belk this Thursday night.  What a great opportunity to mix it up! Hope to see you there ;)

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