Green Lovin'

I am a prep at heart. I grew up in the 80's (shhh..don't tell!) and came of age when valley girl prepsters ruled the runway.  Needless to say I pined after the original Izod (now Lacoste), Jordache jeans and OP (Ocean Pacific) t-shirts. One of my happiest 80's moments was getting a kelly green Izod polo shirt. After seeing the preppy styles and colors this spring,  I decided I wanted something green and Kate Spade (she's preppy, right?). So I hopped on e-Bay, typed "green Kate Spade" and now $61 later I am the proud owner of a moc-croc, kelly green, Kate Spade purse! And yes, I am 99.9% sure it is the real thing.

Lesson learned? You don't have to pine anymore because the 80's are over! You can buy just about anything you want on e-Bay and not pay full-price.

Sweater - Gap
Skirt - Gap
Shoes - Lucky Brand
Green Bracelet - Lucky Brand
Gold bangles - Jessica Simpson
Purse - The World's Best Store - e-Bay

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