Boyfriend Blazer Day 3 - A sharp #2 pencil skirt

Our look today includes MUST HAVES for your closet - a pencil skirt in a bright color, polka dots and the boyfriend jacket.  

First, the pencil skirt - if you don't have one get one.  Pencil skirts looks good on everyone, elongate your body, shows off your legs, and makes you look taller.  Buy a basic color first if you are unsure.  This orange one came from J.Crew Factory online.  

Everyone can wear color on the bottom, but to avoid looking "garanimal" you will want to include neutrals in your outfit, i.e. the navy blouse and jacket.  For more color, try a fun shoe, belt or purse. 

 And last but not least, POLKA DOTS!  To avoid looking like a five-year-old, choose simple, sophisticated dots like the ones in this blouse by Free People.

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