No slipping or pinching

      I attended my workout class on Friday and was given a headband to try.  I was a little skeptical because I have tried many headbands before only to have them slide off my head halfway thru class or pinch behind my ears so much that I was getting a headache.  These headbands have an Opti -Size Technology allowing them to be small for smaller heads or roomier for larger heads. Translation, you can share it with your daughter or if you have multiple girls they can share.  
     At the end of class I was very surprised to find the headband still in place, no headache and I came home to see if it would really fit my daughter and it did.  So she wore the rest of the day!  They have some great bright colors that would work great with the new spring looks. Check out their Facebook page or their website Banded.


Banded said...

Thank you for featuring our Banded No-slip Headbands with Opti-fit Technology!!! As a thank you to all your followers we will extend a 50% off coupon for their next purchase at, plus free shipping on orders of 4 or more.

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Thanks Again!!!!

Two Shopper Moms said...

What a wonderful product idea!

Make today another day to save! said...

Cant wait to try it!